'We definitely need help': Donation shortage threatens LI charities

With less 20 days before Christmas, some organizations are struggling to collect donated toys.
Pastor Jim Ryan, of the Lighthouse Mission in Bellport, says toys were "pouring in" for the less fortunate during tough economic times.
"It seems like now that people are doing better, I think they're forgetting," Ryan told News 12. "I think they're forgetting that there are people in need in their own communities. The Lighthouse Mission is here to assist them one way or another, but we definitely need help."
The founder of John Theissen Children's Foundation, John Theissen, says he's is also struggling with collecting toys.
Theissen says normally his organization has a room filled with an overflow of toys. He says donations are definitely down this year and blames the calendar.
"I think it's because Thanksgiving came late," says Theissen. "People just weren't in the holiday spirit yet."
Toy donations can be dropped off the Lighthouse Mission on Montauk Highway.
A list of organizations collecting toys can be found here.