'We did it.' Newtown family back home 1 year after fire burned their house down

Arif Gjonbalaj says he and his family finally moved back into their home on Aspen Lane in Newtown.
"It's been a tough year, you know, for last year but we did it," said Gjonbalaj.
The family was forced to leave their home after a fire, that started in the chimney in January of last year, destroyed their 3,000-square foot home.
Gjonbalaj's mother-in-law was in the house when the fire started and neighbors were able to get her out safely.
The family raised over $25,000 on a GoFundMe page. That money, along with insurance, helped to pay for damages.
The community also helped the family by donating clothes.
"Thanks again to everybody really. It's nice to live in this community, everybody helped and that makes a difference for our family," said Gjonbalaj.
Gjonbalaj, who came from Kosovo 25 years ago and works two jobs, is all about family.
He says he feels blessed knowing that he can once again provide a home for the ones he cares so much for.
The family had been renting in Trumbull until they could get back in their home.