'We want our neighborhood back.' Bridgeport residents call for end to gun violence

Bridgeport residents held a rally Sunday following two weeks of deadly violence on the Upper East Side and noise disturbances.
Some senior citizens and some residents with kids expressed concerns about a rash of deadly violence in the 138th District.
"Within a six-block radius, we've had two murders within 14 days, which is unheard of in this neighborhood," said resident Maria Wide. However, City Councilwoman Maria Pereira said it's not just violent crime that's disrupting the community.
Pereira said people have been getting behind the wheel and driving recklessly in the evening – a problem she hoped to bring into sharp focus by holding the rally at Huntington Plaza.
The plaza is marked with the tire tracks left behind by the drivers who she said have been wreaking havoc on the usually quiet community.
"My constituents are, feel unsafe. They feel their quality of life is totally being disrupted. This is a working-class neighborhood where they need to get a good night's sleep and rest and get off to work," Pereira said.
"We hear tires, we hear loud music, and we want to keep this neighborhood safe," said resident Diana Martinez.
"I have a puppy. My puppy goes berserk when the noise is going off. It is not peaceful anymore and we want our peace back," added Faith Sweeney. "We want our neighborhood back."
"And the mayor has been absent on this issue and we want the mayor to address it," Pereira said.
Pereira called on Mayor Joe Ganim and Acting Police Chief Rebeca Garcia to crack down on the issues at the plaza and across the six-block radius where she said the peace has been broken.
City officials said police will continue to increase their presence in the community and have a task force dedicated to keeping Bridgeport safe.