Web threat suspect undergoes hospital evaluation

? A man who is suspected of posting threatening messages against children on a Milford condominium's Web site is undergoing a hospital evaluation Wednesday.Milford police seized the suspect's home computer from the Caswell Cove condos after a threat to shoot children was posted on the Internet March 31. The message claimed the individual was going to shoot children with an AK-47 as they walked home from the bus stop. The Milford Police Department?s Computer Crime Unit tracked the original posting to the suspect's computer.
They say he also posted a message March 30 about shooting dogs.
In addition to the computer, police seized an air rifle from the man's home. Although it's not a firearm, police are considering it a potentially dangerous weapon.
Authorities say the man told them he was having "personal difficulties," which may have led to him being evaluated at a hospital.
Extra police patrols were on hand to escort kids home to the complex. Residents are shocked that someone living among them could be responsible for the threat, and one woman is upset that the condominium didn't act sooner.
"It's very upsetting to know that I notified them early in the morning yesterday and nobody called," says Laura Carbone. "It's upsetting to think that they don't value the children in the complex. Police should have been notified right away."No one has been officially charged in the case.
Police: Man threatened to kill neighboring children