Wedding guests evacuated before party bus goes up in flames in Morris

Twenty-seven passengers on their way to a wedding were evacuated before a party bus went up in flames Saturday in Morris.
Jane Truelove was at her store, Truelove Farms, when she saw the bus forced to stop down the road on the side of Route 109.
“It started out with smoke and all these people were coming out, all dressed up fancy like they were heading to a party,” Truelove says.
Morris Fire Company President Michael Lauretano says crews arrived at the intersection with Woodward Avenue and quickly put out the flames.
“The driver right away recognized that the smoke was pouring out of the engine,” Lauretano says. “He pulled over, he got everybody out and the limo went up quite fast after that.”
The fire happened about a mile and a half from the wedding guests destination, event venue South Farms, so they were able to get out safely and to the event.
Truelove says they called their friends and people came to pick them up in pickup trucks.
“I saw video of when they got there and they looked extremely happy and excited and it certainly added an interesting element to the wedding,” Lauretano says.
The fire company president says the minibus was under its maximum capacity.
The cause of the fire is under investigation.