We're Open: Café Atlantique

Café Atlantique in Milford is once again ready to serve up coffee, paninis, crepes and more.
Co-owner Ryan McConnell, who recently took over the business with his wife, explained that it closed in March due to the pandemic. The former owner was ready to retire after a decade.
Upon learning that the business was available, McConnell said he and his wife had discussions of taking over the café.
McConnell says the café offers much more than "commuter coffee."
"What makes this special is we've got a really good crepe menu, wonderful paninis, really good, just kind of just like light fare food for when you want to come in and get lunch, but you don't want to make an hour and a half deal out of it," McConnell says.
He says the café has been a community staple, having been around for 16 years. He says a number of regulars returned once he and his wife reopened the business.
McConnell says the one difference is the coffee. He says he and his wife wanted to upgrade the coffee and now get a high-quality coffee from a local roaster.
He adds that once he and his wife reopened the café, they asked the old staff if they were willing to come back after seven months - and they all came back.
McConnell adds that he wants the café to be the community’s go-to destination for a variety of delectable options.
"We just want to be like the place where you feel like you're doing something without having to go to the city," McConnell says.