We're Open: Leisha's Bakeria in Bridgeport

Leisha's Bakeria is a little boutique eatery in Bridgeport that has been serving up homemade sweet and savory favorites for breakfast, lunch and dessert for almost seven years.
Leisha Young says she's been cooking all her life for family and friends. She says she didn't know what else to do when she got laid off and decided to give the food business a try.
When the pandemic hit, things got tough and many businesses are still struggling.
"I think I did what everybody else did. I just tried to survive," says Young. "This is the only way that I make a living."
Young says she has a lot of police officers and firefighters come in often. She says it was nice to be able to help them and of course help people who weren't going to work.
Young makes everything from scratch and loves making everyone's belly happy.
"I use the best butter in my cookies, the best chocolate chips. You'll taste the difference," says Young. "And every time somebody comes through the door, whether it's a repeat customer or somebody new, it still gives me joy."
Leisha's Bakeria is located at 7 Lafayette Circle in Bridgeport.