'We're ready' - Norwalk Public Works crews prepping roads ahead of overnight winter storm

Crews with the Department of Public Works in Norwalk are gearing up for the first snowstorm of the winter season.
Thirty-five trucks are ready to go with salt to pre-treat the roads.
Anthony Carr, the chief operations for the department, says crews will be out in advance of the storm. They'll start salting the major roads, then they'll head to trouble spots, like hills or curves.
Carr says the department is fully staffed as they follow the COVID protocols. There's one driver per truck and directions from supervisors can be made over the phone instead of face-to-face.
"All trucks have been pre-loaded with salt, all of our equipment has been checked, generators have been checked, and all staffing levels have been deemed adequate and we're ready for tonight," said Carr.
Public Works recommends residents salt their driveway ahead of the storm and to stay home, if possible.