West Haven woman pleads for public to help find lost engagement ring

A West Haven woman is asking for the public’s help to find her engagement ring.
Katelyn Moore, a teacher at Bridgeport Military Academy, says she was watching the Army-Navy game at a friend's house in Monroe on Saturday, then went to Drumstick BBQ in Bridgeport. By the time she got home, she realized her engagement ring was gone.
Moore spoke with News 12 at her West Haven home Friday. She says the ring obviously has sentimental value.
"Even though the ring is just an object, it is very sentimental to me since it has been with me for the past 10 years through many ups and downs and most recently the birth of our first child. I always glance at it and it reminds me of my husband and his love for me," says Moore.
Moore says she filed a report with the Bridgeport Police Department and is asking anyone who may find it to call them at (203) 581-5100.