Music community mourns loss of Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts

Legendary Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts has died at age 80.
Members of the music community are remembering Watts, who was known as an "incredibly precise drummer."
Rolling Stones member Keith Richards lives in Weston, where many other British rockstars call home due to the area's English countryside vibe.
"History of Rock and Roll" producer Gary Theroux says Watts was the real deal, saying in part, “As far as Charlie was concerned, his job hit every note perfectly which he always did, and incredibly precise drummer and play his part.”
The 80-year-old drummer came from a jazz background – leading some to say the small addition was a big part of the band's appeal.
Jim Koplik, president of Live Nation CT, has produced five Stones concerts in Connecticut.
"By adding that extra little jazz element to the rock sound, the Rolling Stones were more interesting that way,” he said.
He points out Watts passing reminds us nothing lasts forever -- even the Rolling Stones.
"It is a sad time for people my age, that are watching heroes slowly pass away," Koplik said.