Weston honey producer accuses Eversource of cutting down vegetation

A small local business says power giant Eversource is about to cut its business significantly by taking down trees.
Marina Marchese, who owns Red Bee Honey in Weston, is passionate about environmental issues concerning honeybees.
So when she saw Eversource crews next door cutting down trees around power lines, she started to worry about her future.
"I received a note on my door from Eversource telling me that in about a week they would be cutting down some major trees on my property," said Marchese.
She says for her small one-woman business, that stings.
Marchese says she has called Eversource several times and is also waiting to hear back from some local politicians.
Marchese is hoping to have a meeting with Eversource next month and once again get her business off the ground.
Eversource responded to News 12 Connecticut in an email saying, "Our vegetation management team has been in touch with her several times to discuss the necessary work and has committed to exploring possible plantings to enhance pollinator habitat."
Eversource also said they plan to meet with Marchese in the next couple of weeks.