Westport family goes green in a big way

A Westport family has gone green in a big way with the installation of the largest residential solar panel system in Connecticut.
The system costs about $90,000, but members of the Yarmoff family said they will only pay about $40,000 out-of-pocket because of rebates and tax breaks from the state and federal government. They said the system will save them nearly $3,000 a year on their electricity bill and will pay for itself in about nine years.
The Yarmoffs installed 56 panels, which they said will generate 84 percent of their home?s total electricity.
The couple said that because of something called ?net metering,? their house will use power at night that it has already built up through credits with the electrical company. The system is possible because the solar panels will produce more power than the household uses during the day.
The contractor who installed the Yarmoff family?s solar energy system said solar energy it is a booming industry, and many others are starting to go green.