Westport Fire Department shares back-to-school fire safety tips

Back to school is a time for planning and the Westport Fire Department is helping people prepare for worst case scenarios like a fire.
Fire officials urge parents to create an escape plan for younger children and college students.
They say practice the plan with people in your house and that it is a good idea to have more than one exit route.
For students in dorm rooms, or in off campus housing, fire officials say to avoid extension cords, avoid blocking exits and always check for working fire alarms.
"Unfortunately, every year there's about 100 to 150 students that perish across the country due to fires in dorms and off campus housing, so this is really something to pay attention to," said Deputy Chief Nick Marsan.
The deputy chief says people should remember that a fire drill is not a race and to get out carefully. Once you're outside, stay outside.