Westport man launches line of CBD dog treats

A Westport man is selling a new line of dog treats containing CBD as the hemp derivative gains popularity in treating many things, from insomnia to joint pain.
Joe Sequenzia is the creator of YUP PUP, which he says is one of the first all-natural, organic, hemp-based CBD dog treats to hit the market.
The well-known entrepreneur says he's thrilled by the success of the product, which launched online April 15.
Sequenzia was once the chief marketing officer for the largest cannabis company in America. He says while CBD can be derived from cannabis and hemp, hemp is the only one of the two that does not contain THC, the chemical in cannabis that produces the high.
"I really wish there was better understanding between hemp and cannabis," he said.
The tasty treats are a favorite for his two Golden Retrievers, Floyd and Zezu, who've been taking them for the past several months.
"What we saw with CBD in our treats with YUP PUP is immediate," he said. "So things like anxiety, it's an immediate difference. It's a daily treat, they eat it every day. For our 10-year-old golden, he can go up and down the stairs again. For our 4-year-old golden, it makes him a little less crazy."
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