Westport recycling forum focuses on reducing waste

A Westport workshop focused on preventing recycled goods from turning back into garbage.
Earthplace, The Nature Discovery Center hosted the forum Wednesday about reducing a growing problem of recycling contamination.
Organizers say when certain items are incorrectly placed in recycling containers it creates extra costs for municipalities and causes problems in material recovery facilities.
Daphne Dixon, the co-founder of Live Green CT, says people are committed to creating change.
"It's amazing that we have a room full of people with community members, municipal leaders, businesses, and organizations that are all really committed to this local and global issue of reducing contaminants in our recycling stream. It's an incredibly important issue and here in Connecticut, there are many leaders who are committed to creating change," Dixon says.
Organizers recommend anyone unsure about what to recycle, should contact their town or city recycling coordinator.