Westport residents remember Paul Newman

Westport residents are remembering actor Paul Newman Monday, who died over the weekend, not just for his award-winning films or his charity work - but instead as a caring neighbor.
Outside Oscar's Deli, there is no shortage of tales about the late actor.
"[He was] very quiet, unassuming, low key," says Nancy Sherter, of Westport.
Sherter recalls her humanitarian work with Newman in the 1990s.
"He really cared about the environment and nature. We worked together on a fundraiser to save Trout Brook Valley," she says.
For almost 30 years Pietro Scotti says he cooked up dishes for Newman at two of his Westport restaurants.
"I remember like today the first dish that he liked was a filet of squad, which is cod, baby cod, with fresh veal and applesauce," says Scotti.
Scotti says Newman would often sit at a back table and would always order healthy dishes. He says his famous customer was always very friendly.
"Always say hello, gentlemen always, asking few questions, how is the business," Scotti says.