Westport woman and her son bringing awareness to kidnapped victims taken by Hamas

A Westport woman and her son are putting up flyers of missing victims kidnapped by Hamas to bring them safely home to their families.
Maya and her son Gideon were both born in Israel, and have been in the U.S. for 16 years.
They said they have close family members from Kibbutz Be'eri in Southern Israel whose home was invaded by Hamas, their family then held hostage for 18 hours.
They've started a GoFundMe that's already raised more than $12,000 to provide medical and any needed support to Israel.
 "At least from what I can do here from so far away is just increase awareness and talk about it and hang these posters and do my best in order to bring them back home," said Maya.
They hope to build awareness that will create global pressure to bring the hostages safely home to their families.
"I just want to do the most that I could do to help my brothers & sisters and make everyone more connected & stronger," said Gideon.
You can donate to their GoFundMe by clicking here.