Woman credits social media for helping her find kidney donor

Just over a year ago, Westport resident Cathy Talmadge went on social media looking for a kidney.
She told News 12 Connecticut then about the campaign called, "A Kidney for Cathy."
Many of her friends stepped up to be tested as a match, along with other possible matches across the country, but all were ruled out.
Talmadge went on a deceased donor list.
"My surgeon told me that I had actually been 2,246th on the list," said Talmadge.
After finding out on her 70th birthday in December she had a match, the donor backed out and she waited.
"I got a call at 4 a.m. on Jan. 12," she said.
A year and a day after the start of "A Kidney for Cathy" her prayers were about to be answered - Yale-New Haven Hospital had an anonymous donor.
"We got up there 45 minutes later and four hours later I was in surgery," said Talmadge.
And three days later she was home, she says good as new.
"I couldn't be happier. It's like a wonderful dream. I pinch myself every day and cry because I'm so happy and it's changed my life," she said.
Talmadge says she still doesn't know her donor other than it's a man.
She says Yale-New Haven had never seen such a reaction to a social media campaign.
Talmadge says she wants to give her thanks to the Westport community.
"I couldn't have done it without the encouragement and talented friends and family who designed and implemented the campaign," she said.
Talmadge, who has volunteered and donated her time to many organizations in Westport for the past 40 years, wants people to know how important organ donation is.
"Basically a big message from this is people can make a difference," she said.
Talmadge thanked everyone on social media. In the post it says "Miracles do happen."