What’s Hot: Playland unveils new $3M ride

Rye Playland is revving up a new ride called the Old Rye Motorbike Factory today.
The first of its kind in North America, the interactive ride will allow guests to take a spin on vintage Italian motorbikes, letting them throttle the accelerator to control their thrill levels.
The park says the nearly $3 million project is the largest single investment of this season at the park. Each motorbike has an accompanying sidecar that permits those 36" and above, allowing the whole family to get in on the fun.
“We are always looking to improve our offerings and bring the best attractions to our guests that they won’t be able to find anywhere else in the area. The Old Rye Motorbike Factory is a completely new ride to Playland that the entire family can enjoy,” said Ernest Blundell, general manager of Playland. “We look forward to presenting this world-class installation of what the new standard of fun and excitement is at Playland.  The Old Rye Motorbike Factory will be a hit for a long time to come.”
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