What's Cooking: Truffle rigatoni

Peter Damiano and Steven Damiani, of Uncle Guiseppe's Marketplace, show News 12 Lily Stolzberg how to serve up a delicious pasta dish using homemade rigatoni, white truffle puree and crispy prosciutto.

1 lb. dried pasta
¼ stick unsalted butter
1 can (6.4oz) Urbani White Truffle and mushrooms mix
¼ cup parmigiano Reggiano
1 oz. Urbani Truffle oil
1 oz pasta water
- Cook the pasta in salted water for 8 minutes or until al dente
- In a saute pan add butter and turn heat to medium high heat.
- Melt the butter and add the cooked pasta.
- Add the truffle sauce and mix well.
- Add the reserved pasta water and cook for 2 minutes or until sauce coats the pasta.
-Turn off the heat and add truffle oil and Parmesan cheese.
- Enjoy!