Where can you find some hot toys this season? Santa lets us in on the secret.

News 12 New Jersey is sharing some Santa level insider secrets on the perfect toys for kids this holiday in this week-long series!

News 12 Staff

Dec 13, 2021, 12:58 PM

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News 12 New Jersey is sharing some Santa level insider secrets on the perfect toys for kids the holidays in this week-long series!
The senior editor of The Toy Insider, James Zahn, has intel on hot toys you can still get and are still in stock.
For preschoolers, toys such as the 5 Surprise Toy Mini Toy Store Playset, a dream toy store where kids can build, store and display more than 100 toy mini brands, or the Magformers Carnival Plus set, an upgrade to one of Magformers best-selling sets, are hot items.
For kids a little older, look for Masters of the Universe Masterverse figures, a throwback that has new interest for the younger generation now that it's a hot show currently on Netflix. There is also New Bright's Forza Buggy from the super-hot racing video game.
Regardless of which toy you choose, you'll be surprised to learn that shopping online this late in the Christmas shopping game may not be your best option because you may find a better selection in the store!
“The supply chain issue has been a hot button topic all year and for toys something interesting has happened here,” says Zahn. “More toys are showing up in December because stuff that should have been here in October is just now hitting the shelves. So, where we thought there would have been some big outages folks are finding stocked shelves right now.”
Zahn continued to say, “You go to the store and you find this grand wonderland of new toys that you didn't expect to see because you thought it was going to be the toilet paper thing of early 2020 with empty shelves and that just hasn't been the case. No one could have predicted it -- it was a complete crap shoot, but yeah, stuff has actually shown up.”
The Toy Insider also says independent toy stores are a great place to find last minute toys, and in a lot of cases, if you do see empty toy shelves, it all depends on where you live. One city may be fully stocked, and another empty, due to where the trucking issues are the worse.
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