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Wild horses: Group hopes to find 'forever homes' to save animals from slaughter

Seventeen mustangs were saved by an animal rescue group in Harwinton.

News 12 Staff

Mar 19, 2019, 10:19 PM

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Wild horses: Group hopes to find 'forever homes' to save animals from slaughter
Animal rescue advocates who saved a group of horses from slaughter are hoping to find them 'forever homes.'
A pregnant horse and 16 other mustangs were on a truck headed to Mexico to be killed for their meat, but when the horse gave birth on the side of the road the truck was forced to turn around.
Stoney Brook Farm in Harwinton stepped in and took all of the horses. Rosa Buonomo, of Stoney Brook Farm, has been rescuing animals for years.
"Nobody wanted to help me," says Buonomo. "So then I just started rescuing them myself."
Seven of the horses on the truck were adopted, but the others still are living on the farm.
"I love the animals, and I don't think they're getting a fair deal," says Buonomo.
The horse that was born on the side of the road is named Kody. Kody has found a home on the farm and has become a mascot and an ambassador.
"The story that she has is very unique," says Buonomo. "So we decided to use her as an ambassador for not just the wild horse program, but all horses that face slaughter."
Kody will be featured at the Painted Pony Festival at Stoney Brook Farm in the summer.

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