Wildlife officials, DEEP rescue Bobbi the Bear's two cubs

Two orphaned bear cubs are now in state custody and have been relocated to the Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area in Burlington after their mother was shot and killed by an off-duty Ridgefield police officer last week. That officer has been placed on administrative leave.
DEEP officials tranquilized the cubs Monday night for their safety and relocated them temporarily.
The cubs' mother, known in Newtown at Bobbi, was shot and killed by a neighbor on private property last week.
The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection says they are finalizing plans to determine which rehabilitation facility at which they will ultimately end up.
Laura Simon the president of the Connecticut Wildlife Rehabilitator Association, says she hopes it happens sooner than later.
"They need to move on and get proper care. The longer they're in facilities that are not appropriate for them, the longer they're going to be traumatized," she said.
Officials warn that people in Connecticut who see bears should not feed them.
"If you care about bears in Connecticut, do not allow them to eat your food," said DEEP Deputy Commissioner Mason Trumbull.
Officials are still investigating the shooting death of the cubs' mother.