Will a new era on Capitol Hill see genuine change? Experts weigh in

To use a sports analogy, political experts are viewing the presidential inauguration as a brand-new season - with some seeing new hope and a new beginning.
President Joe Biden's theme of unity and democracy was echoed Wednesday by University of New Haven political science professor, Dr. Chris Haynes. He says while change is good, history tells us we don't always get what we hope for.
"I think people are really hoping for something different this time, but I think the American people, I think pundits, I think academics like myself, and broadcasters and journalists like you -- we know the history," he said.
It remains to be seen how the economy and the COVID relief plan plays out, Dr. Haynes added.
Quinnipiac University Political Science Professor Dr. Wesley Renfro agreed with the sentiment and says while the inauguration was nicely produced, the new administration has a lot of work to do.
"Unrolling a vaccine to not millions, but tens of millions and eventually hundreds of millions of people while keeping the economy afloat," he said.