Wilton brothers electrocuted while playing video game

A Wilton family is counting its blessings after a bolt of lightning shocked two boys while they were playing video games.
Ben and Chris Bergin were playing a PlayStation 2 game called ?Guitar Hero? during a lightning storm. The two were shocked and knocked over when a bolt of lightning struck in the middle of their game.
The boys were alright, but the electricity wreaked havoc on the home. The surge knocked out the well pump, the ceiling fan, the cable, the phone, the oven broiler and the furnace. It apparently entered the home by traveling through the video game console and into the two boys.Experts advise against the use of electrical devices, such as the phone and the computer, during lightning storms due to the possibility of surges. It appears video games can be added to that list.
The boys? parents said they are surprised about the attention their story has created. However, Mrs. Bergin said it's important to let everyone know about the incident so it doesn't happen to someone else in the future.