Wilton, Weston clean up following October nor' easter

The communities of Wilton and Weston were cleaning Wednesday following the October nor'easter that left behind flooding and wind damage.
Wilton resident Richard Sinks say Orems Lane in Wilton was flooded in areas with 2 feet of water last night.
Sinks says the water was almost up to his mailbox.
The water eventually receded around 7 a.m. but left behind debris.
This is not the first time this has happened.
Sinks says the Norwalk River, which runs through his backyard, will overflow its banks whenever there's a significant rainfall.
In Weston, the nor'easter caused a tree to fall down tree on White Birch Road, prompting local officials to close part of the road. A tree knocked down by winds on Bittersweet Road took out some utility poles and left wires strewn about the street.