Wilton YMCA introduces trackable headbands for swimmers

The YMCA in Wilton is showing off new technology it's using at the facility -- technology it says may save lives.
Aquatics Director Samantha Lusher says the Wilton Y has been using Wave Systems at both its pools and the outdoor pond -- waterproof wearable trackers.
"And it's great because it's mobile, and so we start with it indoors and then we bring it outdoors, and everybody gets to use it all the time," Lusher said.
"For swimmers, it goes onto the head -- either on the swim goggles or these little headbands," said Wave Systems CEO Mark Caron.
The headbands are in constant contact with a central control unit.
"We basically expect lifeguards and parents to sort of be a hundred percent perfect a hundred percent of the time, which is not really human," Caron said. "If any of the wearable trackers are left underwater for too long, a loud single will emit from the central hub to alert lifeguards, parents or guardians."
Caron says the home version of the tech can be set up for less than $1,000.
YMCA officials say the first lines of defense against drowning are still swimming lessons and constant adult supervision.