Witness testimony wraps up in Michelle Troconis suppression hearing

Witnesses testimony wrapped up in Michelle Troconis' suppression hearing on Monday.
The defense attorney argued that statements on Troconis' first two interviews should be suppressed for the full trial in January.
Attorney Jon Schoenhorn said her constitutional rights were violated, but investigators deny any wrongdoing.
"These things are coercive techniques, and I intend to show that makes what she said unreliable and does not constitute a waiver of rights," said Schoenhorn.
According to state investigators, Troconis' story changed in each interview, which led them to conclude no harm was done.
"We noticed that her statements were providing alibi's for herself, and there were inconsistencies in her statements, which lead us to believe she was lying," said former state police detective John Kimball.
A third interview still needs to be seen by the Judge on Wednesday before a decision can be made.