Woodbridge opens 1st liquor store in town history

Woodbridge is toasting the opening of its first liquor store in the town's history.
Wine and Spirits on Amity Road just opened about a week ago, and the store says the response has been fantastic. However, opening the store was not an easy process.
Owners say the process took about eight months to open the business because of restrictions in the town of Woodbridge.
The owners were able to change the town ordinance that said that no liquor store could be 1,500 feet away from a school or a home to only a hundred feet. They say even town officials have been happy about the new developments.
"It's been very positive. The community is, just around here, very happy that we're so close, even the first selectman. They've been all behind us giving us support. The local stores in the plaza have all been like, 'Let's collaborate, let's do something together.' The restaurant down the street is going to start carrying his wine list," says the store's Ally Taccogna.
The grand opening for Wine and Spirits is set for Saturday, Oct. 16.
State laws says for every 2,500 people in each town, one can have a package store permit.