Yale Law students demonstrate in support of sex assault victims

Yale Law School students demonstrated Monday in support of sexual assault victims, as new allegations swirl around Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
Students gathered in the Sterling Law building to watch a news conference from more than 100 of their classmates who were in Washington Monday. While those students were pressuring lawmakers directly, hundreds of students at Yale Law were engaging in demonstrations of their own.
They dressed in black for the peaceful protest, which began with a silent sit-in Monday morning, followed by speakers ranging from Sen. Richard Blumenthal to students sharing their own stories of survival. The demonstration culminated with a student walk-out into a nearby courtyard.
Organizers say that while Yale Law students have different opinions on Kavanaugh as a judicial nominee, they say they're standing together to demand a fair nomination process.
In a statement, Dean Heather Gerken said she can't take a position on the Kavanaugh nomination but she stands with her students in supporting fair process and the rule of law.
Classes at the school were canceled Monday in response to the protest.