Zoning officials temporarily table proposal for housing complex on historic Fairfield property

Zoning officials have temporarily tabled a proposal that would build 40 affordable apartments on a historic Fairfield estate after public backlash.
Many neighbors oppose the proposal for the apartments to be built on the property that surrounds the Judd Estate on High Street. Under the plan, the house there would be turned into offices.
Some residents have organized opposition and raised money to hire a lawyer. They say the project would spoil their neighborhood.
"I am on pins and needles about the decision tonight, I hope it goes in our favor and I hope the developer will go back to the drawing board with something more reasonable," says Kasandra Marshall, of Fairfield.
However, the organization sponsoring the bill disagrees.
"After you have looked at 2.4 acres of open space, it's definitely going to feel different, but it's not necessarily something that is going to be negative," says Carol Martin, of the Fairfield Housing Authority.