Gun control measures head to Lamont's desk after passing state Senate

Gun control advocates notched some major victories Thursday with the passage of a few pieces of legislation in the state Senate.
Ethan's Law, which has received national attention, requires both loaded and unloaded guns to be safely stored. It passed with just two 'no' votes.
It is named after Ethan Song, the Guilford teen who accidentally shot himself with an unsecured gun.
A bill banning unregistered, untraceable "ghost guns," which are assembled from kit parts, also passed. Three Republicans joined all Democrats in passing the bill. The bill still allows hobbyists to build guns from a kit but they must be detectable in a metal detector and they must be registered.
The Senate also passed a bill prohibiting unsecured handguns from being left in unattended vehicles.
The bills now head to Gov. Ned Lamont's desk.