101-year-old Easton woman to relive flight with Amelia Earhart

Anne Fiyalka has very fond memories of Nov. 5, 1936.
She was an underclassman at Harding High School in Bridgeport. Amelia Earhart came to her school to talk to the girls assembly.
"Three honors students were chosen to go with her in her airplane over the Stratford airport, and how fortunate was I that I was one of them," said Fiyalka.
Fiyalka was picked to go up in a plane with Earhart.
A short flight over Stratford, but it's a trip that always stuck with Fiyalka.
"Just major impact on her to spread the word. Women can do anything," said Ken Smith with Three Wing Aviation, which is hosting an event with Fiyalka this Saturday to go back up over Stratford decades later.
"It's going to be great to see her taking off and getting airborne again after 85 years," said Smith.
"How fortunate I am that after all these years I can still go up in the airplane. And you know, I just came back from Florida," laughed Fiyalka.
Fiyalka will be flying in a small Cessna Saturday morning at Stratford Airport.
The event has been organized by Three Wing Aviation and Wish of a Lifetime from AARP.