‘A second chance:’ Animal rescue releases baby turtles in Westport after car fatally strikes mother

Animal lovers released baby turtles back to their natural habitat in Westport Wednesday.
Earlier this summer, Glenn Ferrari found a diamondback terrapin hit by a car. He gave the turtle to Pam Meier at The Turtle's Back Rescue.
Unfortunately, the female turtle did not survive— but the rescue was able to save her eggs. The eggs were incubated and all of them hatched.
Ferrari and Meier released the baby turtles to a marsh near Bermuda Road in Westport on Wednesday.
"Since the turtle was here, we're going to let the babies go in this beautiful estuary, and hopefully they'll be big and strong, and they'll get a second chance that they wouldn't have had otherwise,” Ferrari says.
Meier adds, “Even though we lost an adult breeding female, which is a big blow to these tiny protected populations of endangered species, at least we get the chance to return their progeny, back to the same spot and give them a chance."
Diamondback terrapins live in brackish water estuaries all along the Connecticut coastline.