11-year-old boy raises money for Alzheimer’s Association in memory of his grandmother

Micheal Cotton wants help make a difference in the memory of his 94-year-old grandmother who had Alzheimer’s disease and COVID-19 just before last Christmas. 
“I wanted to do something to change the world,” says Michael. “I figured, ‘hey why don’t I do this?’” 
With help from his mom, Michael began to sell desserts, cider and homemade jewelry from a stand outside of their Milford home to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association in memory his “Nana.” 
Michael’s mother, Michelle Cotton, told him to be prepared for only $100-$150. 
“We hit $500 in the first three hours yesterday,” says Cotton. “She would be crying over what he’s done.” 
Michael is hoping to raise $1,500 from the stand and online donations