Stamford PD: Pursuit crash injures 2 officers, 25 bags of PCP seized

A high-speed chase on I-95 Tuesday resulted in a crash, two officers injured and the seizure of 25 bags of PCP, Stamford police say.
Police say an officer noticed a woman throwing a marijuana cigarette out of a car near the corner of Atlantic and Bank streets. The car then led police on a chase to I-95 south, where it crashed into a patrol car.
Police arrested Travis Barrett, 47, of Stamford, who was driving the car, and Adja Fall, 23, of Stamford, who was in the back seat.
Authorities say two of their officers sustained minor injuries. They say 25 bags of PCP were found in the car.
Police don't know for sure if Barrett was on PCP, but they say he did fight with officers and had to be shot with a Taser.
Barrett was arraigned and held on a $125,000 bond. He's due back in court in two weeks.