3 Westport women recount roles they played in Georgia's runoff election

Three Westport women played a role in Tuesday's historic Senate election in Georgia.
Nicole Gerber, Danielle Dobin and Candace Banks were part of the Georgia Democrats' Voter Protection Team.
This was a massive effort with people from across the country to ensure every legal voter had their ballot counted and to prevent fraud and intimidation in a state they say has a history of voter suppression.
All three women went through several hours of training beforehand and arrived in Georgia Sunday night.
They spent Monday in Clayton County helping people "cure" their votes if needed. That means if there's an issue with a mail-in ballot, voters are allowed a chance to fix it and avoid their vote not counting.
The women say most of the people they helped that day were elderly and didn't have access to internet.
On Tuesday, they were stationed at polling places in DeKalb and Fulton counties, where they made sure nothing illegal or improper was going on.
They also helped voters with any questions -- whether it was about the correct form of ID or which precinct they needed to go to.
"I've always believed that if you see something that is wrong or you disagree with, staying home and complaining isn't going to change the situation, you need to go out there and make change," said Gerber.
"We were a small part of this enormous effort by so many people who decided to show up and it really made such a difference," said Dobin.
"It was so inspiring and moving and I will say, I cried several times under my mask just watching people inch their way to the polls," Banks said.
All three women told News 12's Marissa Alter stories about the efforts some people went through to vote Tuesday -- one woman even came straight from the hospital. She made it a minute before polls closed.