A miracle for Miracle: Bridgeport woman fortunate to survive hit-and-run

A Bridgeport hit-and-run victim says she's lucky to be alive after she was struck by an SUV that left a path of destruction several blocks long.
"I just started begging God to have mercy on me," said Miracle, who Bridgeport Hospital doctors say lives up to her name.
The 36-year-old mother of four, who asked News 12 to not show her face or use her last name, says it all began around 9:30 p.m. Monday, after she and her family had dinner at Chiles. She says they stopped at a store at Orchard Street and Boston Avenue, and that is when her world came crashing down.
"He came out of nowhere. This is a road -- road rash that I have from here to here," Miracle pointed out. "I have nine - nine staples on my head."
Police say 35-year-old Wilfido Godinez-Lopez was under the influence when he struck one vehicle after another while driving through the Upper East Side of Bridgeport.
In the process, authorities say, he struck Miracle - running her over twice and leaving her with multiple broken bones.
"I'm not really sure why he backed up when he had run me over, like, I was on the floor," Miracle said. "My daughters just kept telling me, 'Mom, please don't go to sleep, don't close your eyes. We need you, Mom, please. We need you.' So, I told them...'Baby, I'm not going to sleep. Just make sure the ambulance gets here as soon as possible because I'm in a lot of pain, and I feel like I can't take it.'"
Police say they arrested Godinez-Lopez moments later after he crashed his vehicle. Days later, cars up and down the street still show his alleged path of destruction.
Miracle says much of her body is covered in road rash, including her face, but she's expected to heal without much scarring.
"The doctors and the police officer I spoke to, they said that I'm a miracle," the woman of the same name said.
As she begins walk therapy, Miracle says she has many things to be grateful for.
"When I started walking, I started crying, but then I wiped my tears and I'm like, 'Listen, there's nothing for you to cry about. You're alive,'" she reminded herself.
Police say Godinez-Lopez is charged with operating under the influence and driving without a license. Godinez-Lopez is also facing multiple counts of evading responsibility.