A Stamford nonprofit is teaching English to Ukrainians online. It needs volunteers

A Stamford nonprofit that connects Ukrainian students with volunteers in the U.S. to learn English online is searching for volunteers.
After Russia invaded Ukraine, ENGin says it saw an enormous spike in refugees and Ukrainians wanting to use their service. 
Founder Katerina Manoff tells News 12 that many people in the United States want to help Ukraine but may not know how to.
"There is a really easy way to help, and you don't need to have any specific background or experience…it fits into your schedule,” she said.
The program would connect English speakers with students in Ukraine or those who are refugees. Manoff says a lot of the Ukrainians want to learn English for job interviews, since many of them are displaced. 
"It's just very accessible and universal, so anyone can plug in and form this very close bond one-on-one relationships and really see tangibly the help and impact that they're making," says Manoff.
For more information on how to apply as a volunteer, click here.