A Stratford woman who opened a salon in Milford is empowering other women entrepreneurs

Their motto is no competition just support.

Angelica Toruno and Nicole Alarcon Soares

Mar 26, 2024, 9:17 PM

Updated 26 days ago


A Stratford woman found out she could do much more than provide her beauty services when she opened her Milford salon.
Lisa Vega, the owner of Lyra Luxe, is inspiring other women to open and start their own business as well.
Vega’s salon is the place people can get their nails, hair, lashes and more done.
At Lyra Luxe, there’s a special dynamic between the women there.
Their motto is no competition just support.
It's the main reason Vega bought the space over a year ago and made it into what it is now.
"From there, it just took off, and I had clients coming every week...within eight months of me having the salon I decided to expand," said Vega.
She converted the location into suites so anyone with a beauty business can also make their space their own.
"Being an entrepreneur isn't easy but when you're working in an environment like this it makes it easier. Having powerful women around you," said Jocelyn Lugo, the owner of Beauty By Jocey.
"She's like this is our shop, we all work together, we're a team," said Denasia Bradley, owner of Boxed N Twisted.
Vega took her part-time hobby as a nail tech full-time after being laid off from her corporate job during the pandemic.
Her vision was to make this a one stop shop for clients but also a safe space for all who walk through the door.
"I love it here, it's like another home," said Kayon Rosario, owner of Heavenly Hair.
Vega’s big leap gave her the ability to be her own boss and empower other women like her.
"I do want it to be inspiring and motivating to the girls I have here," said Vega.
"My business has only grown because I've been in an environment where women have made an implicit choice to lift me up," said Tiana Krause, owner of Bad Girls & Co.
All the women are now wanting to do what Vega has done for them, to encourage and let women know anything is possible.
The location also offers beauty services by Lavish Luxxe, The Hair Garden, Defiant Beauty, Luxx Beauti Bar and Looks by Ti.

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