Activity picks up as Stamford digs out

News 12 Connecticut's Marissa Alter was in Downtown Stamford as cleanup efforts began Saturday evening.
The city reported more than 80 personnel and 40 plows and spreaders working this storm and the aftermath.
A city tree crew was needed as well at the intersection of Turner and Pepper Ridge roads, where a tree came down.
Luckily, firefighters reported no wires were pulled with it, which made clearing the intersection much quicker.
Alter shared that it is freezing out there with the ruthless winds beating at your face, but that didn't stop some people from heading out for some sledding.
She said she saw people with sleds and tubes and a couple of snowboarders - even someone with what looked like an air mattress.
Some people were only making it a run or two before calling it quits because the wind in your face was painful.
What's usually a hub of activity on Bedford Street was pretty desolate early on, but people started to venture out more once the snow let up and then altogether stopped. More businesses opened up, sidewalks and parking lots began to get cleared.
Stamford is under a snow emergency, so there is no parking. All city parking garages are open and free until Sunday at 6 p.m.