Advocates head to state Capitol to voice opposition to harsher sentences for youth offenders

Advocates were at the state Capitol Friday to discuss youth justice in Connecticut amid news reports of teenage car thieves.
Members of the Connecticut Justice Alliance and the ACLU spoke out against harsher sentences for youth offenders.
Lawmakers from both parties last month raised the possibility of a special session to address youth car thefts. A jogger in New Britain was killed in late June allegedly by a pair of teens on a joyride.
Criminal justice professor Mike Lawlor says if police have a good reason to get a young person off the streets - they already have tools to do that.
Danbury Police Chief Patrick Ridenhour says a refresher could be helpful for some departments, but says that for repeat offenders, arresting teens and putting them right back on the street doesn't seem to accomplish much.
State Republicans renewed calls for stricter penalties for youth car thieves. House Republican Leader Vincent Candelora released a statement saying in part, "Labeling what's occurred a 'manufactured issue' won't sit well with anyone, nor will blaming police officers for being ignorant of the law."