Advocates urge drivers not to idle on asthma control

Recent studies show air quality isn't the best in the Bronx and advocates want drivers to cut off their engines as part of the Idle-Free NYC campaign.
"Small particles ? lodge deep in the lungs that can cause ? heart disease and lung function impairment and trigger asthma," says Mel Peffers, of the Environmental Defense Fund.
Health experts say the Bronx is already in an air crisis, with many children suffering from the disease. Not only is it painful on the lungs, but drivers who are caught idling can be hit with a fine of $125 to $2,000.
The American Lung Association believes the solution is simple: "Turn off your engines," says Louise Vetter, of the organization. "High levels of pollution affect the ability to think cognitively and perform well."
To report someone leaving their vehicle idling, contact 311.
NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene