AG Tong launches investigation into harmful impacts of Facebook, Instagram

Attorney General William Tong has announced a nationwide investigation into Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook.
The investigation will look into what Facebook and Instagram knew about the harmful effects it has on young people.
Tong says the algorithm impacts young women by showing them photos about body image and popularity, which can lead to depression and self-harm.
Tong is also concerned what both social media platforms are doing to combat the problem.
He says it's important to protect kids, including his own.
"And it's for parents," said Tong. "You're constantly trying to stop them from seeing things that are so easily seen through their devices. I think we limit the amount of time and devices they have access to, but at the end of the day kids learn online now."
Back in May, Tong was one of 44 attorneys general who urged Facebook to abandon its plans to launch a version of Instagram for children under the age of 13.