Alert Center: Judge strikes down mask mandate causing confusion across Hudson Valley

BREAKING UPDATE: A 2 p.m. appeals court hearing is scheduled after yesterday's decision by a state Supreme Court judge to strike down NY's mask mandate.
Original story below.
News 12's Samantha Crawford is in the Alert Center investigating the impacts of a state supreme court judge's ruling that has struck down New York's mask mandate.
The decision is causing much confusion across the Hudson Valley, with some counties and many businesses adopting their own policies.
For example, numerous school districts continue to enforce a mask mandate, while other districts have made masks optional.
But the court ruling does not only apply to schools, but all public places.
When it comes to public transportation, masks are still required on Bee-Line buses. Since the MTA is under a federal mandate, masks are still required.
On county property, Westchester and Orange counties are still requiring you wear a mask. Dutchess and Putnam counties say they are now optional, while Rockland County is currently discussing it. 
"You are safer if you have the mask on. And that what we are trying to do - we are trying to protect our employees and trying to protect the people in the pubic. I will continue to try and protect people from this disease. As soon as we know that we can put COVID behind us, the masks disappear," says Westchester County Executive George Latimer.
Private businesses, like supermarkets, have the power to enforce mask mandates if they would like to. Most will likely have signs like this if they're required.
The state has appealed the decision in hopes of keeping the mask mandate in place.
Here is some reaction from News 12's social media pages on the judges ruling: