Animal rights group says probe into 'Bobbi' bear shooting was inadequate

Animal rights groups are pushing for action after an off-duty police officer killed a bear on his property and was cleared of wrongdoing.
In May, a bear, named Bobbi by a local blogger, was shot, and killed by off-duty Ridgefield police officer Lawrence Clarke with his AR-15. He told investigators the bear had been behaving aggressively, threatening his chickens and grandson. The officer was cleared of wrongdoing by the state DEEP — but many people say they feel the investigation was inadequate.
State's Attorney David Applegate said during a public meeting he wants to hear what everyone has to say, and he does have the ability to file new charges.
Newtown does have an ordinance that forbids shooting within 500 feet of a residence, but the police chief says this case was determined to be an exception.