Antibiotics in short supply at some pharmacies as mask wearing wanes

Doctors and pharmacists say some antibiotics are in short supply, just as many people are in need of them.
The manager of Grieb’s Pharmacy says during the peak of the COVID pandemic, he could go weeks without filling a prescription for amoxicillin, but now it is in high demand.
"We start to hear whispers from the chains that they are running out of medicines and we try to stock up as best as we can," said Grieb's Pharmacy manager Tim Harvey.
The pharmacy does still have amoxicillin on the shelf, but the manager says that new shipments are on backorder.
"Now that everybody is back in school, not wearing masks, the antibiotic usage has increased greatly and I think that has led to this shortage," said Harvey.
Kate Leslie's son Max has an ear infection and a cough. She says she is relieved her doctor's first choice of medicine was available.
"I know that he does well with amoxicillin, and they have it here I think, the doctor gave us a backup prescription too because they mentioned some pharmacies are out," said Leslie.
If your normal chain pharmacy does not have the prescription, you are looking for, try an independent pharmacy. Harvey says they are able to buy from smaller suppliers.
A spokesperson for CVS says while there is not a widespread shortage of amoxicillin, some stores have been seeing shortages of certain doses.