Area deemed safe following Bridgeport explosion; officials discussing next steps

The City of Bridgeport continues to monitor the area of where an explosion took place on Friday and officials are discussing next steps.
The area has been deemed safe for residents and while that may be true, city officials say there is still work to be done to figure out what led to the explosion that rocked this community.
"We're not happy. This is unacceptable, an explosion like this, an accident like this,” said Mayor Joe Ganim. “Whatever the cause of it is, it's just not what we're going to allow to happen in the city of Bridgeport."
First responders received multiple calls just after 2 p.m. on Friday, with residents saying they heard a big boom and saw a plume of smoke in the air.
While the cause of the fire is still being investigated, city officials said that it appeared to start when a driver delivering an oxidizer chemical opened a valve, igniting several explosions.
Police said three people were taken to the hospital – one with burns and two for smoke inhalation. Two have been released.
On Saturday, officials determined the air was safe and masks were no longer needed. However, emergency management officials warned the public not to fish in nearby brooks due to high pH levels.
City officials also say they are working to put together a committee to better inform residents about companies that operate in their neighborhoods like Tradebe.
"And ensuring that we can do our part to make sure anything like this ever happens, that we can minimize this type of incident,” said Scott Appleby, director of Emergency Management and Homeland Security for Bridgeport.
Sgt. Paul Makuc, of the Fire and Explosion Investigation Unit for Connecticut State Police, said there was no criminal behavior related to the incident.
The city plans to meet with the company sometime this week.