Attorney for Bridgeport woman accused of attacking dog owner says client did nothing wrong

The attorney of a Bridgeport woman accused of attacking a dog owner for allegedly not cleaning up after her pet says the accusation is false.

News 12 Staff

Mar 29, 2021, 1:28 AM

Updated 1,154 days ago


Donald Smart told News 12 Connecticut a different story Sunday and said his client did not attack the dog walker, nor did she leave the scene, he said, because the incident occurred at her home and she stayed there.
He said after police investigated, they decided "to drop the case altogether because the allegations had no merit."
"After they interviewed, they did not feel the need to contact my client and no charges were filed. My client has lived in the neighborhood with her family peacefully for many years. She regrets what happened but at the end of the day she was not the aggressor or the bad actor that she was portrayed to be," Smart said.
Both the client and the dog walker asked not to be identified.

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