Australian defeats Joey Chestnut, sets new chicken wing eating world record

How many chicken wings do you think you could consume in just 12 minutes? For James Webb, the answer is an astonishing 276!
Webb, an Australian competitor, made history at the U.S. Buffalo Wing Eating Championship this weekend by devouring his way to a new world record.
His formidable competition included renowned hot dog eating champion Joey Chestnut and the twice-reigning wing eating champion, Miki Sudo.
"I was just trying to clean the bones as best I could. I know I'm not as fast as these guys, but if they're going to weigh leftovers, if there is less chicken, then I have a chance. I guess my style works. If you told me this yesterday, I would have laughed in your face. I'm so shocked right now. I'm just grateful," Webb exclaimed.
Webb's incredible feat averaged out to eating an astonishing 23 wings per minute, solidifying his place in the annals of competitive eating history.